Photoshop technique
mages series

Black & white dramatic.

I duplicated the original image layer and used the Adjustments > Black & White panel on the first layer to achieve a balance of light, dark, and middle grays.


On the second layer, I adjusted to max out contrast while still maintaining enough detail to read the image.


Finally,  I set the blend mode on the second layer to multiply and lowered the opacity.

Highly saturated.

In this image, I maximized the vibrance and hue saturation as much as possible. This required me to adjust saturation on each color channel individually.


Last, I used the sponge tool to edit artifacts that formed in the bright strip of reflection on the water behind her neck, in some of the ripples and on the tips of the trees in the background.

Lomo effect.

The vignette is created by a loose lasso selection around the focal point and adjusting the levels to darken the edges. Then, I  adjusted the curves on everything.

I made a solid black layer and set the blend mode to hue and lowered the opacity. Next, I flattened and converted to Lab Color, selected the "lightness" channel and applied an unsharp mask. Finally, I returned the color mode to RGB.

Groovy overlay.

For this effect, I simply created a layer over the image with a gradient color from purple to orange. Then, I set the blend mode to overlay and adjusted the transparency.

Image credit.

This photograph was found on the free stock image site, The creator is Solominphoto.

Changing context /

changes meaning


Image credit: Jcomp /


Nature enthusiast.

Image credit: Bedneyimages /
(modified by me)

This composite image was created in photoshop using 12 images from various sources. View originals and sources at this link.

To start, I extended the canvas beneath the background image and created an underwater space by painting in a gradient of blue tones picked from the image with an eyedropper tool. Then, I copied the sky and reflected it to make a texture. Last, I added a ripple filter.

Each of the creatures was cut out, placed, and color adjusted to integrate with the overall composition. The green glow just beneath the waterline represents plankton. This was painted in, warped, and blurred. I then placed a tiny overlay texture of microscopic images of plankton.

Arctic Ecosystem



Image credit.

Shayna Pond