EIPT6313  – Multimedia Design &
Development for Learning


I took this as a summer course and for me it was my first course as part of the Instructional Design Psychology and Technology masters program. The class was structured as practice applying a mini instructional design process to a multimedia learning problem. We specifically practiced using Adobe Captivate as a tool for building a product to address our chosen learning problem. I chose to build a tutorial to introduce and instruct lymphoma patients about the lymphatic system and self care. I found the reading material for this course to be especially satisfying as a primer to specific studies that have been done about how humans process multimedia stimulus.



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EIPT 6143 – Instructional Design I


This course served as an introduction to the instructional design process from start to finish. I chose to develop instruction to support foster parents who are providing homes to children who are victims of trauma and neglect. I learned through my needs analysis that the objectives would be affective (emotions and attitudes), which is not something that I really had any idea about when I was writing the proposal. This is to say that I realized I had the challenge of teaching the parents that they still had more to learn about how to parent in the context of children who have faced trauma.


This project turned out to be a very complex and difficult task for me to take on while also trying to learn how to conduct the instructional design process. Many times I felt as if I had no clue if I was really on the right track to accomplish my instructional goals with the modules I was developing, however, I feel that I have developed a thoughtful proposal that meets this very real need with an approach that is unique from what is currently being used and with potential to ignite a positive change to a critical social problem.



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EIPT 6523 – Visual Literacy for Educational
Media Production


In this course, I refreshed my knowledge and understanding of graphic design elements, principles, and technologies for developing graphics. Additionally, projects in this course allowed me to practice using graphic design in various media outlets for the purpose of improving instruction. Something I learned through this course is  research supports that graphics, when well done can improve efficiency and effectiveness of learning. However, research also supports that graphics done poorly or even graphics that are relevant but not specifically designed according to the task can distract and reduce retention.


I practiced thinking about how visual elements can be used in terms that are broader than their aesthetic or emotional appeal. Of course, the emotional appeal should work with rather than against the use of the image. But also, there is a need to hone the choice of images so they convey meaning in a consistent and measurable way to develop knowledge and understanding with the intended audience.



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